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Amino acids and potency – what you should know

Men don’t like to talk about this. We don’t suppose you do either. Nevertheless, potency problems are a widespread circumstance. Almost every man can be confronted with this condition in the course of his life. It is estimated that 10% of men aged between 40 and 49 are already affected, and in the group of men over 60, one in three has a potency disorder.

Problems with potency put a strain on the men themselves, but also on their partnership. Drugs in this area are one possibility. However, they are usually associated with many side effects and do not lead to the desired success in every man. Therefore many men look for gentle and natural support of their potency.

In recent years, one amino acid has become the focus of interest: L-Arginine.

Learn more about this amino acid and its function in the human organism. We would like to give you an overview of what L-Arginine could perhaps do for you in case of a potency problem.

Amino acids and disorders with potency

Our organism is dependent on amino acids and proteins. These substances are then converted into other substances. Not only the tissue structure depends on them. Various metabolic functions also depend on them.

Functions of the protein building blocks

Amino acids or protein building blocks form peptides and proteins in long chains. They thus function as

  • building materials for every body tissue,
  • basis for the formation of enzymes,
  • basis for hormones,
  • source substances for messenger substances.

Our immune system, our thyroid gland, our sleep-wake rhythm and many other processes in our body depend on the presence of certain protein components.

Some of the protein building blocks must be supplied with food (essential), others are formed by our organism itself (non-essential). Another group, the semi-essential protein building blocks are essential in some phases of life. L-Arginine also belongs to these semi-essential protein building blocks.

Können Aminosäuren die Potenz steigern

The erectile dysfunction

By far the most common potency disorder is an erection problem – erectile dysfunction. This is when it is repeatedly not possible to achieve an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse over a long period of time. The reasons for this erectile dysfunction can be many and varied. Psychological problems, relationship problems, but also diseases such as diabetes mellitus can play a part.

With erectile dysfunction you may also suffer from coronary heart disease.

Damage to the heart vessels is often accompanied by erectile dysfunction. In many cases, deposits in the fine coronary arteries become noticeable as a potency disorder years before a heart attack.

It is assumed that erection problems in many men up to the age of 50 are of a more psychological nature. In contrast, 80% of older men have physical causes.

You are probably also familiar with drugs such as Viagra or Cialis. They intervene in a system of substances that controls the interaction of various neurotransmitters in the process of building up an erection. You may also have heard of potential dangers and side effects that can be associated with Viagra and Co.

These drugs can be life-threatening, especially for men of advanced age with heart disease or other serious organic conditions.

L-Arginine and its functions

L-Arginine is involved in the formation of nitrogen monoxide (NO) in the human organism. Nitrogen monoxide, in turn, plays an important role in the relaxation of muscles and blood vessel walls. Its presence leads to increased blood circulation in the entire vascular system of the body and thus also in the penis.

Increased blood flow promotes erection

In most cases, erection problems are associated with reduced blood flow in the penis. An erection results in increased blood flow, especially in the erectile tissue in the male penis. This increased blood flow normally leads to stiffening and swelling of the penis. With advancing age, circulatory disorders generally increase in many men.

Diabetes and/or deposits in the blood vessels particularly affect the many fine vessels. These are found in the extremities and in the penis. L-Arginine can increase blood flow in the entire vascular system. Many men report a positive effect on their problem with potency.

Various studies seem to confirm this effect.

How does Arginine support an erection in detail?

A stable erection results from a complex interaction between muscles, blood vessels, nerve impulses and messenger substances. The male member contains erectile tissue, which fills with more blood for the erection.

If the penis is not erect, its smooth muscles are tense so that not too much blood flows into the erectile tissue.

When the male body part is erect, the smooth muscle must relax so that the erectile tissue fills with blood, swells and the penis stiffens. This relaxation of the muscles is triggered by NO and leads to vascular dilation.

Many people with high blood pressure as well as strength athletes during muscle building also report a positive effect of L-Arginine.

Aminosäure Arginin

L-Arginine, demand and supply

This protein building block is only essential for babies and in adolescence. That is why it belongs to the semi-essential protein building blocks. The protein building block can be ingested through many plant and animal foods. However, all foods contain chemically bound Arginine. This means that Arginine is bound into other proteins when ingested through food and is not freely available.

This fact leads to the fact that L-Arginine is not available in sufficient quantities even in many adults. The body must first release it from other compounds in a complicated process. This is a limiting factor for the availability of free Arginine.

Therefore, there must always be enough connected protein available for a release of Arginine. In the case of certain conditions such as vascular diseases, the requirement can increase so much that it can no longer be met even with a balanced diet. Especially with older people, the demand increases strongly. In these cases an additional supply of L-Arginine can be advisable.

L-Arginine does not work alone

Research on Arginine in relation to erectile dysfunction has shown that its action benefits from the presence of another protein building block. L-Citrulline seems to be able to stabilise and prolong the effect of Arginine according to current knowledge.

Furthermore, L-Arginine has a certain interaction with the essential amino acid Lysine. Lysine and Arginine both address specific receptor sites in the human organism.

Arginine also plays a role in the metabolism of viruses, such as the herpes viruses. Therefore, a high dose of Arginine can lead to a reactivation of these viruses with the characteristic cold sores. Lysine counteracts this effect. Therefore, it is often recommended that L-Arginine is not taken in high doses in complete isolation if there is a predisposition for herpes outbreaks.

Finally, other amino acids are important for the formation of Arginine in the human body. Arginine is formed in the uric acid cycle. If sufficient amounts of other protein components are present, these ensure that there are sufficient nitrogen compounds. Arginine can, in turn, be synthesised from these.

How much Arginine per day is needed for erectile dysfunction?

There are no standardised recommendations for setting the dose of Arginine to support the male erection. Experience shows that values of up to 10-14 g per day are recommended. However, in some people, considerable side effects, for example in the gastrointestinal tract, are to be expected when taking 15 g.

For this reason, some preparations recommend a dose of between 3 and 6 g. The normal requirement of a healthy person is already set at values between 1 and 5 g per day.*

This relatively wide range between the recommended values alone shows how uncertain the requirement values for this protein component are. Experts assume that in many life situations the need for L-Arginine must be set higher than previously assumed. These assumptions have not yet been scientifically substantiated by studies.

Which means your individual experiences with a certain dosage comes into play. Test slowly for yourself which dose is suitable for you. That way, you can see for yourself whether and in what dose Arginine can support you in your erectile dysfunction.

[The dosage recommendations can be found in the following standard works:

  • Uwe Gröber, Orthomolekulare Medizin: Ein Leitfaden für Apotheker und Ärzte; 3. Aufl. (2008); S. 179 ff.;
  • Lothar Burgerstein, Burgersteins Handbuch Nährstoffe; 11. Aufl. (2007); S. 235 ff.;
  • Uwe Gröber; Mikronährstoffe: Metabolic Tuning – Prävention – Therapie; 3. Aufl. (2011); S. 307 ff.

The recommendations of these standard works correspond to the known studies.]

Potent durch Aminosäuren

Support the erectile function naturally and gently

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is probably worth trying L-Arginine. It is a good way to alleviate this stressful situation.

This amino acid can also have a positive effect on your entire vascular system. This can play a role, especially if you are a bit older.

Many men suffering from erection problems have been helped by L-Arginine. And this completely without the sometimes life-threatening side effects of drugs like Viagra. Choose a high-quality product that does not contain any technical additives and was produced under controlled laboratory conditions if possible.

The product should – if possible – be produced in Germany, as strict quality standards and controls apply here. Especially when it comes to men’s potency, many dubious products are offered. Especially products from the Far East contain potentially dangerous admixtures.

Have some patience with the use of L-Arginine. Some users report that an effect only becomes apparent after taking it for several weeks or even months. In the case of a slight potency problem, the short-term application of a product containing the protein building block has often proved successful.

For men at an advanced age, a longer and permanent application of L-Arginine can be scheduled.

In case of doubt please consult your attending physician. Many doctors are positive about the use of L-Arginine for erectile dysfunction. Since every problem with erectile function has an individual character, your doctor can advise you on this.

Try it out yourself!

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