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Support your sleep with amino acids

Like most people, you probably know about sleep disorders. Especially at an advanced age, many of us are plagued by problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night. Classic medicinal sleeping pills are usually not the first choice. Perhaps you, like many others, are looking for a gentle and natural solution to your sleep problem. Have you ever thought about protein?

We have compiled the most important information about sleep and amino acids for you.

What does healthy sleep mean?

We humans have very different needs when it comes to the length of our night’s rest. It also depends on various factors so that we wake up refreshed. While some of us have slept in after four hours, most of us feel good after 7-8 hours. Most people agree that a poor night’s sleep is characterised by interrupted or shortened sleep.

People who sleep badly often need a long time to fall asleep. They cannot sleep through the night or wake up hours before the actual wake-up time.

Correspondingly, sleep disorders are characterised by

  • problems of going to sleep
  • insomnia and
  • other disruptions.

You may know the feeling that you are not sufficiently recovered. You are tired and exhausted during the day. Perhaps you have had a bad feeling with regard to the next phase of sleep that you will have problems with your sleep again. This inner restlessness further impairs the sleep experience. A vicious circle develops. As a result, persistent sleep disturbances can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Er schläft sehr schlecht

Your thoughts now only revolve around the subject of sleep. You can no longer rest. Then you can no longer think about sleep. This is where you should now avoid the problem getting worse and your sleep disorders becoming chronic. Sleep disorder over a long period of time can affect your health. But you can do something about it.

What does the quality of sleep depend on?

The quality of our sheep is influenced by various factors. For example, it depends on the

  • the conditions of sleep,
  • sleeping position and
  • the entire sleeping environment.

Continued noise or a very uncomfortable sleeping environment can make a significant difference.

You probably know this truism:

As you make your bed, you sleep.

As has been researched for decades, good sleep quality requires the interaction of various messenger substances in the brain. In addition, we go through different sleep phases every night. Deep sleep phases alternate with light sleep phases. Thus, a non-recuperative night’s sleep can be characterised by the fact that certain sleep phases are not completely passed through.

Amino acids and their importance for your sleep

Amino acids are also known as protein building blocks. They form the basic material for physical tissue such as muscles or skin. For this purpose, they form chains of different lengths. Depending on this length, they are called proteins or peptides.

Macro-nutrients include carbohydrates, fats and protein.

Proteins are in a constant transformation process.

Protein building blocks, which are used for tissue formation, form a separate group of proteinogenic amino acids. Of the approximately 20 members of this group, eight must be taken in with the diet. Over 99 % of these essential protein building blocks are converted into the body’s own protein.

The essential amino acids

  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Methionine
  • Tryptophane
  • Lysine
  • Threonine
  • Phenylalanine

are particularly valuable for the human organism.

Welche Aminosäure ist am wichtigsten für gesundes Schlafen?

Often you will find the names of the protein building blocks with an L in front of them, as in L-Tryptophane. This is a left-turning form of the amino acid. Protein building blocks can differ greatly in their structure, some are right- and others left-turning.

Besides the essential amino acids, there are a lot of non-essential building blocks. A third type only needs to be supplied through nutrition in certain phases of life, these are the semi-essential protein building blocks.

L-tryptophan and serotonin – helpful for your sleep disorder?

The neurotransmitter Serotonin is important for our mood. If you feel calm, relaxed and at ease, Serotonin is partly responsible for these pleasant feelings.

However, Serotonin not only ensures that you feel pleasantly relaxed. The sleep-wake rhythm is also linked to Serotonin, among other things.

As has been researched since the 1950s, the sleep-wake cycle is controlled by certain messenger substances. For this purpose, the neurotransmitters connect to suitable receptor sites. They pass on signals to our nervous system via these receptors.

Mammals, and thus also humans, have a kind of internal clock in one part of the brain. The sleep hormone Melatonin is regulated in this area. Serotonin plays a decisive role in its formation and control. If the Serotonin balance is not correct, the entire regulatory cycle of sleep can be disturbed.

Sie hat keine Schlafstörungen mehr

What does the amino acid L-Tryptophane have to do with Serotonin and your sleep function?

Amino acids are not only the basis of body tissue. They are also the basis for the formation of important substances in our body. These include various hormones, enzymes and messenger substances, such as Serotonin.

Serotonin is formed from the protein building block L-tryptophan. By supplying your body with sufficient L-Tryptophane, you ensure that Serotonin can be produced. A lack of Serotonin can lead to both sleep disorders and depression.

Many people who suffer from sleep disorders and take L-Tryptophane report a positive effect. A number of scientific studies have also shown effects, not only on insomnia but also on sleeping through the night.

A review study gives a good overview of the study situation for the use of L-Tryptophane in insomnia.

Important for you to know: L-Tryptophane acts on Serotonin levels. Drugs such as antidepressants and MAO inhibitors can influence Serotonin levels. If you need to take certain medicines regularly, talk to your doctor first before taking additional L-Tryptophane.

This will help you avoid excess Serotonin concentrations. This can have life-threatening consequences in individual cases.


The protein component GABA (“gamma-aminobutyric acid“) or gamma-butyric acid is also associated with improved sleep function. Similar to Serotonin, this messenger substance ensures relaxation and calm, which leads to a restful night’s sleep.

Perhaps you have had the impression lately that you are sleeping increasingly poorly and restlessly. A dietary supplement with amino acids could help you to cope with these disorders in a gentle and natural way. You may not only sleep better but also feel more efficient during the day. As each amino acid covers many different functional areas in our organism, there is also a connection between your energy metabolism and protein building blocks.

Try it out for yourself.

Maik Thies (Fitnessfachwirt IHK)

Unser Ernährungsexperte Maik Thies arbeitet seit 2011 erfolgreich als Personalcoach und Manager für Fitness- & Freizeitanlagen im Gesundheitsmarkt.

Als Fitnessfachwirt und Weltmeister im Bodybuilding gibt er sein Wissen an Menschen weiter, die körperliche und mentale Grenzen neu definieren möchten und Wert auf gesunde und ausgewogene Ernährung legen. Zu seinen Kunden zählen u.a. Skeleton Atlethen Janine Becker und Alexander Gassner, Bobpilotin Stephanie Schneider, Rallye Motorsportler Sepp Wiegand etc.

Er unterstützt amino4u dabei, die Prozesse des Körpers für Sie einfach und verständlich zu erklären und Ihnen dadurch die Möglichkeit zu geben, wieder mehr Gesundheit und Lebensfreude zu erlangen.

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