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Effects and Application

Essential amino acids

Do you know essential amino acids? We introduce these special protein building blocks to you in the following. The main focus here is on the importance of proteins for the human organism and on a possible additional supply of essential amino acids.

What are essential amino acids?

Amino acids are protein building blocks that serve as the basis and building material of the body’s own proteins. This is certainly true for about 20 representatives of this group of substances, which we also call proteinogenic.

We distinguish between two forms of amino acids:

They can be

  1. essential
  2. non-essential.

The essential amino acids are also called EAAs.

The 8 building blocks

  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Threonine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine

are considered to be essential because our organism cannot produce them from other substances itself. However, this is possible with the non-essential amino acids.

Essential in this case also means that these special protein building blocks are indispensable for the body. This is also what the theory of the amino acid pattern claims.

Scientists have investigated which protein building blocks can be converted particularly effectively by the body into the body’s own proteins. This should result in an amino acid pattern (MAP – “Master Amino Acid Pattern“) that is characteristic for every living being.

For humans, the essential amino acids form this characteristic MAP. They are converted into 99% of the body’s own protein.

After all, one-fifth of our body consists of proteins and protein building blocks.

Bausteine des Lebens

Some functions of amino acids

EAAs are not only the basis of the body’s own proteins. They are also used to form other important substances in the human organism.

For example, the vitamin-like substance Carnitine is formed from Lysine and Methionine, which plays a special role in energy metabolism and the burning of fats.

Protein supports the performance of our organism in everyday life and during sporting activities. Studies and investigations point out the important role of essential protein components in endurance sports and in building muscle strength.

The amino acid Tryptophan is a precursor of the messenger substance serotonin. The neurotransmitter Serotonin – it transports information between the nerve cells – has a decisive influence on the mood of a person.

Depression is often associated with imbalances in this messenger substance.

Supply of the protein building blocks

Essential amino acids can only be supplied with food. Different food differs in the so-called biological value of the protein they contain.

Animal food in particular usually contains the entire range of essential building blocks.

The standard is the hen’s egg, which has a biological valence of 100%. Various other food products are measured on the hen’s egg.

Vegetable food usually scores worse in this evaluation, as one or the other amino acid among the essential representatives of the substance group is often missing.

Throughout a conscious combination of different food plants can the biological value of food be increased. Even though, this task seems quite challenging at the beginning.

Therefore, for example, Vegans can exhibit a lack in the protein supply. Although this assumption is gladly rejected by vegan oriented nutrition experts.

However, the research of Professor Dr. Luca-Moretti regarding the amino acid pattern shows for example that vegetable food does not make all necessary essential protein components available at the same time and in sufficient quantity.

But this is what MAP is supposed to be all about in order to ensure the supply of protein to the organism.

No essential amino acid should be missing here. However, a single supply of the important protein building blocks is not enough.

The intake must be regular and repeated continuously because these substances are constantly consumed by the conversion into the body’s own protein and for various functions in the human organism.

Essentielle Nährstoffe für unsere tägliche Fitness

How can you supply yourself with the right amino acids?

If we follow the conclusions of the MAP theory, it is not enough to combine essential amino acids randomly from food in a different order and in different amounts.

The metabolic processes in the organism only function properly if all the necessary protein building blocks are present simultaneously and in specific proportions to each other. This is often only achieved by the regular intake of animal foods in which the MAP is optimally developed.

This is not an option for vegans. Therefore, vegan nutrition can be a challenge in terms of protein supply.

Even if you suffer from lipid metabolism disorders, for example, your doctor will usually ask you to reduce your intake of animal products.

At the same time, however, you need the indispensable amino building blocks to support the lipid metabolism in its work and to make many functions of the liver possible in the first place.

How you can ensure an optimal supply

Under stress, for example in endurance training and competitive sports, the need for essential EAAs can increase.

This is partly due to the intensive demands on your energy metabolism during sport. But also with changes in the musculature which are associated with hard strain.

It also seems that with advancing age, under stress and in other special life situations the need for essential amino acids can increase.

If you would like to have the MAP fully mapped in your organism even in special phases of life, you may reach limits with your diet. Precisely because each of us needs an individually well-thought-out combination of different food products, it is not always possible to achieve this in everyday life.

It is possible that the additional supply of protein building blocks via a dietary supplement can support the organism in necessary repair and conversion measures as well as in its entire functionality.

The supplementation of protein building blocks also ensures that you do not lack any amino acids that are essential for the body.

Food supplement with amino acids

The dosage of amino acids in supplementation is based on the individual needs and the circumstances of the person.

Aminosäuren als Nahrungsergänzungsmittel

Circumstances such as

  • stress,
  • sporting activity,
  • diseases,
  • age,
  • the menopause, or
  • other special life situations

can significantly increase the need for protein.

Important for you: The protein building blocks from a high-quality dietary supplement are not absorbed through the intestines. Rather, they enter the bloodstream within about 20 minutes after consumption and a little later they reach various parts of the organism.

That is why many athletes use amino acid products shortly before or after a sporting activity.

We cannot make any general recommendations regarding dosage, because it depends on your individual situation. In many cases, an intake dose of 10 g per application is recommended for essential amino acids. This dose recommendation is only a guideline.

According to the current state of studies, you do not have to expect side effects when taking protein building blocks. Especially not when it comes to EAAs.

An additional intake of essential amino acids via supplementation e.g. with amino4u should be part of a balanced diet.

The experience reports of many users show that you can always ensure the supply of your body with protein and amino acids with a high-quality dietary supplement.

In many cases, this is reported to have a further, subjective effect.

Some people feel a generous supply of protein is like a kind of “super fuel“. With more amino acids, even in old age and under stress, life can again be experienced as dynamic and easy.

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