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In 31 years of research, an Italian professor discovered that all higher organisms have their own specific amino acid pattern to achieve maximum protein synthesis via high net nitrogen usability.

However, in order to actually utilize the amino acids as building blocks, the eight essential amino acids must be present simultaneously and in the specific human pattern.

Based on these findings, Prof. Lucá-Moretti found a unique amino acid pattern in 1992 containing the eight essential amino acids for humans in their very specific pattern.

This product has been the first and only amino acid product to be patented (U.S. Patent 5,132,113). It thus represented a huge step forward in healthy and holistic protein nutrition. Only when all eight essential amino acids are available at the same time and in the same proportion, the body can optimally use them for protein synthesis (i.e. strengthening tissue, bones, muscles, the immune system, etc.).

In any other case, there is either less nutritional value (in presence of all eight essential amino acids, but in a suboptimal ratio) or no protein nutritional value at all (in absence of at least one of the eight essential amino acids).

In this case, our organism cannot produce body protein either. The amino acids then follow the so-called catabolic path, i.e. the degrading path. They produce nitrogen catabolites (ammonia) for the cells, which have to be disposed of via the degradation organs (liver, kidneys).

However, the breakdown also produces energy in the form of glucose. Especially people who need to maintain their blood sugar level or who want to (or should) eat low-carb can avoid this additional stress with the amino4u diet.

Due to the outstanding characteristics the product gained quick popularity particularly among sportsmen of all kinds and overweight people, who could reduce their body weight durably with the help of it. Physiotherapists and doctors also quickly appreciated the effect and successfully used the amino acid combination in their patients’ therapy.

Over the years, the number of supporters and users grew steadily. Only the high price point deterred some people. Although it was justified due to over 30 years of research.

At the end of 2012, the patent expired after 20 years which made it possible to probably produce the best amino acid combination in the world.

The idea of the brand amino4u was born. The company was looking for a reliable partner who would be able to produce the product in a proven form according to German quality standards.

The product amino4u has been available since mid-2013. Not only the former users of the original are enthusiastic, because they can buy their beloved product which helps them gain more vitality in everyday life, athletic peak performance or faster regeneration at a clearly more favorable price on the market. Many new users who have been deterred by the higher price of the original are now also satisfied customers.

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