amino4u provides, as an ideal composition, the optimal amino acid profile for humans. It offers the highest protein nutritional value available while simultaneously delivering the lowest amount of burdensome nitrogen waste.

amino4u has virtually no calories and becomes available in the bloodstream within 23 minutes.

Therefore, it is particularly the preferred choice in cases of protein deficiency or exhausting situations. It serves as the only dietary protein that offers a solution to the dilemma of protein requirements and nitrogen waste.

With its help, one can meet the need for amino acids, especially essential amino acids, without overloading the body with detoxifying nitrogen waste. 10g of amino4u provides as many usable amino acids as 350g of meat, fish, or poultry, but with almost no nitrogen waste or additional calories.

Your benefits

  • amino4U consists of eight essential, pure amino acids, completely free of additives.
  • Our products are fully absorbed by your body with 100% bioavailability.
  • Due to low nitrogen waste, our products are virtually calorie-free. Only 0.04 kcal per gram are generated, yet it provides the same amount of actually metabolizable amino acids for building the body as 350g of meat, fish, or poultry.
  • amino4U is composed of highly pure, free, and crystalline amino acids. This means that all eight amino acids are already broken down and do not need to be digested. Thus, they do not impose any burden on your digestive tract.
  • amino4U is 100% plant-based, free from side effects, and suitable for everyone. Our products serve as a natural, safe source of nutrients.

The face behind amino4u

Hey, I'm Sven, and I'm the face behind amino4u.

What started from my personal passion for health and well-being has turned into a genuine laboratory of love.

I believe that you - just like every other person - have the right to optimal health and a fulfilling life.

Amino acids play an essential role in this journey, from muscle regeneration to supporting the immune system.

Our personal values ​​are reflected in our products. That's why our promise to you is to provide 100% natural and vegan amino acid products. Our products are carefully developed and undergo rigorous quality controls to ensure they meet your needs without resorting to animal ingredients or artificial additives. Transparency regarding the origin and quality of our ingredients is very important to us.

I'm delighted that you trust amino4u to support your health.

Warm regards,

Sven Rüprich