People over 50

Have you also noticed that your body has experienced a little "wear and tear" in recent years? That you no longer have the stamina, immunity and energy that you had in your mid-twenties?


Do you regularly engage in physical activity or are you an athlete? Do you want to increase muscle growth, build muscles effectively and stay in shape? Are you aware that excessive exercise can negatively affect immune function? Do you know what your body needs to stay healthy, fit and perform at its best?

Vegetarians and vegans

Do you only follow a vegan diet and would you like to provide your body with enough vital nutrients? Did you know that purely plant-based foods do not contain the complete amino acid profile with the 8 essential amino acids and have a lower biological value compared to animal foods? As a result, sooner or later there may be a lack of protein building blocks in a vegan diet.

People with illnesses

Have you noticed that you are particularly susceptible to infections of any kind? Do you get sick more often and does the recovery process take a long time? These are signs that your immune system may be weakened. Typical manifestations include an increased frequency of colds or flu-like infections with symptoms such as fever, cough, runny nose and sore throat.