To understand what Amino4u is all about, let's first take a look at amino acids in general.

There are 20 different amino acids in the body that act as building blocks for...
Cells, bones and tissue serve. Exactly eight amino acids are essential for the body and must be consumed through food.

A diet rich in protein is the prerequisite for obtaining some of these essential amino acids.

The total proportion of free amino acids in the blood, the so-called amino acid level, should not fall below 75 g/l in order to be physically efficient and to initiate important conversion and repair processes in the body. This value can be determined by the doctor through a complete blood test and is well below this value for almost all people.

It is also important to know that each of our cells has its own
Has blueprint. This blueprint requires a certain number of
Building materials (i.e. amino acids) for new formation or repair. To put it simply, the human body can be imagined as a LEGO kit or puzzle. If pieces are missing or do not fit, the LEGO figure cannot be formed into the desired shape or the puzzle must be set aside unfinished.

So if the eight essential amino acids are not available in sufficient quantities, the twelve that the body can produce are of little use to it, so cell repairs cannot be carried out properly.

You might think that we consume protein throughout the day
Eat foods and therefore already all of these eight essentials
Amino acids would be present.

However, this is a misconception as our body contains all eight essential substances
Must have amino acids available at the same time in order to actually obtain building blocks for cell metabolism.

To make a visual comparison, imagine one again
Table with two legs in front, with the other two table legs later
to be delivered. This table has little chance of functioning properly if it is missing two legs.

This is where amino4u comes into play. It contains exactly these eight essential amino acids for humans in the optimal ratio to obtain the best building materials for all body systems.

In addition, amino4u is already divided into its components (the eight
essential amino acids) and is therefore within 23
Minutes available in the blood. So the body doesn't just receive that
highest quality, but also the best building materials with the highest
Speed ​​and without additional effort as no digestion has to take place.