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Scoliosis exercises in the gym & at home - 12 back exercises

Anyone who suffers from scoliosis cannot avoid regular special fitness exercises and basic fitness. Living with this spinal curvature poses many challenges for those affected. The main aim is to delay the possible progression of the disease and maintain mobility.

Fitness magazines deal with the topic again and again and a whole range of fitness facts about the pathological bending of the spine demand our attention. What is good and what is bad with this disease? What is the purpose of the movement? Should I opt for aqua fitness or is classic strength training in the fitness center the optimal alternative?

In this context, you may have already experienced that it is not easy to find suitable basic exercises . You may also want suggestions for exercise sequences. In this post you will find various scoliosis exercises for the gym and at home.

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The lateral bending of the spine

There are structural deformations of the spine and associated lateral deviation of the spine that are characteristic of scoliosis diseases . The bending of the spine reaches a degree that the surrounding muscles can no longer balance. Normally the backbone forms an S-shape.

Scoliosis causes intense lateral curvature and deformation. The so-called Cobb angle determines the severity of the disease. Between a 10 and 20° deformation we are talking about a mild form of spinal bending and above 50° it is definitely a severe form. Women tend to be more likely to suffer from a curvature of the spine .

Symptoms and causes of scoliosis

Both symptoms and causes of spinal curvature are varied. Whether the symptoms are noticeable, include pain and severely restrict the everyday life of those affected depends primarily on the severity of the disease.

The following are externally visible in moderate to severe bends of the spine:

  • Shoulder areas that stand at different heights.
  • a twisted or protruding pelvis.
  • a shoulder blade that protrudes.
  • a hump on the ribs or
  • a bulge at the loins, indicating twisting of the spine.

The external changes often only become apparent gradually. When they become clearly visible, the severity has usually already reached a considerable level. This can make it difficult for those affected to take vigorous countermeasures in a timely manner with suitable whole-body exercises in the gym and other therapeutic measures.

It is also problematic that as the disease progresses , an upright posture is no longer possible. Those affected adopt a crooked posture when sitting and standing. Pain, rapidly progressive symptoms of wear and tear on the twisted vertebrae, sliding vertebrae and an increasing reduction in quality of life can follow.

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Development of the disease

Scoliosis does not have just one cause. Secondary and acquired forms are distinguished from those for which there is no apparent cause. Doctors refer to forms of unknown cause as idiopathic scoliosis .

The disease can, among other things:

  • due to congenital malformations of the spine.
  • caused by accidents or other traumatic events.
  • caused by differences in leg length.
  • as secondary consequences of diseases of the muscles or nerves.
  • may have been developed due to osteoporosis.

Hormonal disorders during puberty are also discussed for idiopathic forms of scoliosis . It is assumed that muscular imbalances and one-sided stress on the spine can arise during the growth phase.

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Therapeutic approaches to scoliosis

The characteristic bends of the spine can only be influenced conservatively to a certain extent. The most important thing is that you recognize the development of the disease as early as possible.

In some cases, the practitioners have to surgically create the necessary stability by screwing and reinforcing the affected areas of the spine. Above all, effective pain treatment is important.

This can range from classic painkillers from the NSAID group (pain medicines without cortisone) to the use of synthetic opioids. When using pain medication regularly, the question arises about the side effects. With NSAIDs, the focus is often on gastric protection, which other medications ensure.

In connection with spinal curvatures, a variety of medications can be taken regularly. If you are affected yourself and know the uneasy feeling that comes with constantly taking various medications.

1. Corset and surgery

It puts a lot of stress on those affected in everyday life if they constantly have to wear a corset to stabilize the spine. Surgical interventions on the vertebrae are also often complex operations. If, for example, various sections of the spine are stiffened, the quality of life of those affected can permanently deteriorate.

However, in many cases these measures cannot be avoided if conservative approaches to the treatment of scoliosis have failed to stop the progression of the disease. This is often the case, especially if the disease was diagnosed late. It also requires a lot of discipline to carry out exercise routines regularly in order to stop further curvature of the spine.

2. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Various conservative treatment approaches in the field of physiotherapy and fitness have been developed to deal with spinal curvature. Some gyms and fitness trainers are also prepared for training in this field.

The general fitness market is aimed less at illness and more at general well-being. However, you can also find equipment and exercise sets in normal fitness centers that can be helpful for scoliosis.

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Scoliosis exercises in the gym: focus on strengthening the muscles

Strengthening the muscles is considered a core exercise around the beginning rotation of the vertebrae and the resulting curvature of the spine . The focus here is on the muscles on the back and stomach. These muscles are crucial for ensuring that the body and spine can always straighten themselves.

Any fitness training in the context of spinal curvatures should focus on these muscle areas. If you want to work out at a gym , make this your focus from the start. You can also seek the advice of an experienced fitness trainer who can recommend exercise sequences specifically for your back and abdominal muscles.

You can't avoid strength training for scoliosis if you want to strengthen the relevant areas and build muscle. In addition, sliding vertebrae strength training can ensure that you get increasingly fitter back muscles.

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The Schroth therapy

Various studies confirm the positive influence of a special physiotherapy approach on bending the spine. We're talking about Schroth therapy. Scientific studies have confirmed that the progression of the disease can be slowed down or even prevented with these special exercises .

The focus of Schroth therapy is on learning a specific breathing approach and exercise sequences that support maximum straightening of the spine using specific three-dimensional rotational movements. Among other things, wall bars, Pezzi balls and other training equipment from physiotherapy practice are used.

You practice primarily in front of the mirror so that you can intensively perceive your own posture and the associated body feeling. Schroth therapy is ideally learned under the guidance of a physiotherapist and can, under certain circumstances, be continued on your own using certain aids that are also available at home.

The focus of Schroth therapy is on learning a specific breathing approach and exercise sequences that support maximum straightening of the spine using specific three-dimensional rotational movements . Among other things, wall bars, Pezzi balls and other training equipment from physiotherapy practice are used.

You practice primarily in front of the mirror so that you can intensively perceive your own posture and the associated body feeling. Schroth therapy is ideally learned under the guidance of a physiotherapist and can, under certain circumstances, be continued on your own using certain aids that are also available at home.

Which sports generally support the straightening of the spine?

Before you start looking at the exercise sequences on the fitness machine , here are a few principles about exercise when you have a curvature of the spine. All sports that involve an erect spine or fundamentally the muscle growth of the abdominal and back muscles can be useful here.

The sports listed here are particularly interesting for achieving a certain basic fitness through whole-body exercises , which can have a positive effect on spinal bending. It's not always just fitness training that's required, but rather a focus on a generally well-trained body. In addition, the joy of life and the fun of physical exercise are not neglected because different sports can be integrated alternately into everyday life.

For example, the following may be considered:

  • Nordic walking
  • Riding with a therapeutic approach
  • Hike
  • Swimming and aqua fitness
  • Ride a bike
  • Pilates
  • yoga
  • Archery

It is advisable to create a muscle building training plan to train the right muscles.

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Which movements are out of the question?

Classic weight lifting regularly puts too much pressure on the back, which can have a damaging effect if the spine bends, especially with heavy weights. Likewise, the pressure on the spine can become too intense when doing squats, lunges or Achilles tendon stretches from a standing position.

It also depends on whether you experience pain with these movements, depending on the progression of the spinal curvature. If you carry out appropriate exercise approaches while sitting or lying down, these sequences of movements can become possible for you again. Certain rotations into the existing curvature must be avoided.

There are some special fitness facts for scoliosis that you need to consider before you start training on machines.

How and on which equipment do you train in the gym?

Not every fitness center and studio may be suitable for you if you have a curvature of the spine. Some devices can put too much pressure on the back, which is not necessary for scoliosis. Also pay attention to the choice of fitness equipment if, for example, you are building muscle after a disc operation .

Here you should look for fitness centers that have, for example, special back circuits or medical training equipment. The fitness market offers special exercise equipment . In addition, a specialized trainer who has experience with this disease is required here. When the spine is bent, it is often important to train specific, smaller muscles with the devices.

This often contradicts the general approach to fitness exercises on machines, where the aim is first to fundamentally strengthen the muscles and then move on to smaller muscles.

In consultation with a physiotherapist and following the recommendations of a fitness trainer experienced in the field of spinal curvature, the following training equipment may be of interest :

  • Horse Glider
  • Rowing machine
  • Leg press with reservations
  • Double cable pull subject to change

Many classic devices should only be used under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The main aim is to avoid excessive compression of the spine, for example due to weights that are too heavy. It is better to train with lighter weights .

In addition, with a curvature of the spine, you often have to deviate from the symmetrical approach of classic training in gyms . If you train for fitness on the side that is already curved, the existing imbalance in the spine can become even worse.

Is the personal trainer worth it?

A personal trainer/coach who focuses on the problem of a curved spine can be very helpful in internalizing the correct basic exercises with and without equipment. This can also be a good decision in terms of fitness economics so that you don't train incorrectly in the gym for a long time. However, the trainer must have specific knowledge and experience with scoliosis.

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Which scoliosis exercises are suitable for at home?

Some interesting exercise sequences borrowed from Pilates and yoga are useful for at home. The core exercise always focuses on mobility of the spine and strengthening the adjacent muscle groups, including the abdominal muscles.

Perhaps you will learn the exercise sequences together with a fitness trainer or therapist so that you can then carry them out independently at home. Sometimes fitness magazines also show suitable exercise sequences. It is important that you perform each exercise correctly.

Interesting movement approaches include:

  • Superman
  • Swing
  • Leg tensioner or fish
  • Head lift or cobra
  • Lift-Up with Pezzi Ball

Yoga and Pilates trainers in particular have further suitable exercise approaches available for you. Remember that for targeted muscle building, your muscles need enough protein to grow and become stronger. In certain life situations, your need for protein may generally be increased. Here it can also make sense to additionally supply the valuable amino acids as building blocks of protein via a supplement.

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Exercise is almost always essential

Even if milder and early forms of spinal curvature respond particularly well to training and appropriate exercise approaches, you should integrate the topic of exercise into your everyday life for all forms of scoliosis .

Strength training for scoliosis in particular can help you slow the progression of the disease and maintain your vitality and joy of life. The less you feel like a victim of a fateful illness, the better you will cope overall with all the symptoms of displacements in the spine area . Your general fitness is important.

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