Der Aminosäuren Komplex - die Mischung macht es!

The amino acid complex - it's the mixture that makes it!

If you are interested in the topic of amino acids, you will often come across products that contain an amino acid complex. It's about combinations of certain protein building blocks that are used for a very targeted effect. There are different complexes and compositions. In this context, you may have heard that one amino acid in combination with another can support your sporting activities particularly well. Others may help increase your general vitality and others may provide your body with sufficient protein in certain situations. With this article we would like to help you find the optimal combination product for you and evaluate its quality.

Amino acid complex - what is it?

Products with amino acid complexes offer you not just one amino acid, but various protein building blocks in combination. In these products, the amino acids are combined for a specific purpose. You probably already know that amino acids are also known as protein building blocks. These are the basic substances that make up proteins and peptides in the human body. The building blocks form chains of different lengths. The body can produce some of these amino acids itself. Others - we call them essential aminos - you have to constantly take in with your food. Aminosäuren zur Unterstützung Ihrer Gesundheit

The 8 representatives of the essential amino acids

You have probably already looked into the functions of protein building blocks. There are around 20 so-called proteinogenic amino acids , which are the basis for all body tissue. In addition, they fulfill other tasks in the human organism. Among the proteinogenic representatives there are 8 essential amino acids in this group. It is about
  • Methionine
  • Lysine
  • Valine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Threonine
  • and tryptophan.
Products with amino acid complexes such as our amino4u pellets , for example, contain 8 essential vegan amino acids in combination. In one product, they ensure the simultaneous absorption of the protein building blocks in the complex. This can have various advantages, which we will examine in more detail below.

Why the right combination can be important

There are now studies into the question of whether certain aminos complement each other in their effects. For example, the American scientist Professor Dr. Luca-Moretti particularly examined the essential protein building blocks in more detail. He developed the theory of the human amino acid pattern . In his opinion, there are certain amino acids for every person that their organism can utilize particularly well. This also applies to animals. These particularly easy-to-use protein building blocks would form a specific pattern for the respective organism. He calls this the amino acid pattern. For example, we have an amino acid pattern that is unique to humans. Luca-Moretti believes it is important that all essential aminos are available to the body at the same time and in the relevant amounts. Only in this combination could they develop their full effect. From this point of view, dietary supplements that mix the essential amino acids together could support the health of our organism particularly well. Other combinations may make sense. Aminosäuren zur Unterstützung Ihrer Gesundheit

Amino acids Kpmplex: Essential protein building blocks in combination

An amino acid complex with all the essential building blocks can be a sensible combination, not only against the background of the amino acid pattern described. With such a product that combines all the essential aminos, the human organism is well and effectively supplied with protein. Although we can obtain all the necessary protein building blocks with a varied diet, the supply is still not always guaranteed. In many cases, vegans and vegetarians do not consume all amino acids in sufficient quantities. This is partly because the complete amino acid pattern is often only fully represented in animal foods. The need for protein and protein building blocks can also fluctuate greatly in certain life situations.
  • Under stress,
  • in old age,
  • during pregnancy and
  • in certain diseases
The need for essential representatives may increase significantly. If you want to ensure your supply of the necessary amino acids , a combined product can be a sensible alternative for you. Above all, this makes it easy to record all the building blocks at the same time.

Essential protein building blocks and other substances

Products often combine the essential amino acids proteins with non-essential and other micronutrients. As already described, the aminos are the building material for various tissues. In addition to this function, they also work as messenger substances in the human nervous system. The general performance and resilience can benefit from amino acid complexes with other micronutrients. B vitamins should be considered here, for example.

BCCA for performance and muscle strength

Valine, leucine and isoleucine have a special structure among the protein building blocks. They are therefore also referred to as branched-chain amino acids . Many athletes, especially bodybuilders and strength athletes, swear by an amino acid complex that combines these 3 building blocks. The trio is also called BCAA for short. The abbreviation stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, the English name for the special combination of branched-chain proteinogenic amino acids . In fact, various studies for BCAA show that
  • valine,
  • Isoleucine and
  • Leucine
could support muscle growth during intensive training and provide endurance athletes with more energy. The BCAA complex is therefore a good example of how different aminos can be sensibly combined with one another.

Diet support

Perhaps you have already had to deal with the so-called yo-yo effect when dieting. We associate this phenomenon with rapid weight gain after we stop dieting. We usually have a higher weight afterwards than before. As a result, efforts to lose weight have come to nothing. The yo-yo effect may have to do with the fact that the body has broken down its own protein during the diet. Muscle mass was attacked. Since the majority of energy is consumed in the muscles, such a reduction in muscle mass runs counter to all efforts to lose weight . Less muscle equals less energy consumption. A sensibly composed amino acid complex can ensure that sufficient protein building blocks are available during a diet at all times. This is essential for the maintenance and formation of the body's own proteins . Losing weight with amino acids can work if you ensure you have an adequate supply of the essential building blocks. Aminosäuren zur Unterstützung Ihrer Gesundheit

Other combinations

Many combinations of building blocks in products are based on the experiences of users and experts. For example, arginine and methionine, together with the other substance glucosamine, are said to be able to support cartilage health. Tryptophan and glutamine are said to have sleep-promoting effects. The combination of these protein building blocks has not yet been clearly scientifically substantiated by studies. However, the experiences of many users speak in favor of these mixtures of different protein building blocks.

The construction and conversion functions of amino acids

A sensibly composed protein complex takes into account that the non-essential aminos in particular are formed in various combinations from other amino acids. For example, the amino acid tyrosine, which is important for our nervous system, is formed from the essential building block phenylalanine. Protein complexes, which are intended to strengthen the nervous system and support its functionality, are often supplemented with tyrosine. The product then contains both the precursor for tyrosine - phenylalanine - and tyrosine itself. A complex in this form helps to ensure the supply of tyrosine ( non-essential amino acids ) even when demand is higher. A combined product can make sense because different factors play a role in the formation of aminos from other building blocks. Some remodeling processes require additional vitamins to be completed successfully. We often cannot guarantee that all factors and each amino acid are present in the required amount at the right time without additional intake. Aminosäure complex zur Unterstützung der Gesundheit

This is what makes a high-quality product

With combinations of amino acids , it is even more important than with mono products that you choose a high-quality product. Premium combinations like our amino4u do not contain any additives or fillers. For example, they contain the protein building blocks of the essential building blocks in the amount that is based on defined requirements. If other micronutrients such as vitamins are combined, there should be a demonstrable synergistic effect. Such a combination with other micronutrients will result in an enhanced effect. This is particularly true if the micronutrients , like the protein building blocks they contain, particularly support a certain area of ​​the organism. This can apply, for example, to products that aim to strengthen the nervous system and nerve function. Diet products for losing weight are usually about supplying our organism with protein and all the other necessary micronutrients. Meaningful combinations do not randomly mix protein building blocks.

Conclusion: The many possibilities of the amino acid complex

You can benefit from a combination of different amino acids at many stages of your life. The following considerations are important for you: Some amino acids only develop their full effect together. Based on current knowledge, this appears to apply, for example, to the essential protein building blocks and certain types of amino acids (e.g. BCAA). A complex made up of different building blocks ensures a sufficient supply of different aminos. This also applies to the building blocks that our body creates itself. Because their formation depends on the availability of the essential amino acids . Known effects and effects of certain protein building blocks can be specifically controlled and strengthened in combination. Amino acid complexes can also supplement the supply of building blocks with other useful micronutrients. This can also result in an increased effect and a higher absorption of the aminos.

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