Muskelaufbau mit isokinetischem Training

Isokinetic training: Build muscle gently

Isokinetic training like the Milon circuit is increasingly taking over gyms and rehabilitation facilities. Even painful joints can be trained effectively. Special training equipment also stimulates rapid muscle building. What does it mean to build muscle this way? How can you get the most out of it?

Gestalten Sie Ihr Training isokinetisch!

isokinetic training as another form of strength training

When we think of weight training or strength training , we usually think of classic weights or training equipment. These work with pulling and pushing movements. The stress stimulus of the muscles is modulated by changing the weights and number of training sessions. We also know isometric exercises . In these cases, intramuscular tension creates stress stimuli. With isokinetic training devices, another form of training is added.

How does isokinetic training work?

The fitness equipment works with a constant resistance . A certain movement speed is set on the machines. If you try to work faster during training than the machine allows, you will create greater resistance yourself . In terms of effectiveness and feeling, the training experience is similar to that of being in the water.

The trainee is put in a position to decide for themselves at any time about their own load. You can also train slowly and intensively. That's why the original idea comes from rehabilitation and after joint injuries . These movements are gentle on the joints and still achieve a greater training effect than traditional strength training with weights.

The fact that fewer sets are completed contributes to the success of this training approach. This also achieves higher performance and strength gains.

Aminosäuren zur Unterstützung Ihrer Gesundheit

Who is isokinetic training suitable for?

Sports enthusiasts of all fitness levels can get involved here. With modern fitness equipment, a training plan to build muscle can be easily implemented. Especially after an injury, you can make the gradual return to work calm and effective. Unfortunately, you can only do these exercises on the special equipment. Many studios currently offer them. The Milon machines are particularly popular for circuit training .

There are home devices that are particularly suitable for shoulder exercises and other upper body workouts.

Brand names include:

These handheld devices follow the principle of isokinetics. The question, however, is whether they have a potential comparable to studio devices. If you want to familiarize yourself with the principle, you could try using home devices . Alternatively, you can adapt the exercises to fitness equipment.

Basics about muscle building training

Many of us are discovering isokinetic strength training to lose weight . There is a real idea behind it. The muscles are one of the areas in the human body that burn the most energy. The proportion of muscles determines, among other things, the basal metabolic rate. This in turn is the decisive factor for energy consumption during the rest phase.

If you want to lose weight and build muscle in the long term, you should increase your energy burn. This increases the basal metabolic rate through the muscles . The challenge here is that the muscle building phase does not take place at the same time as weight loss. Professional bodybuilders know this connection. Your sporting life is divided into two phases.

In one phase, they strive to gain muscle and eat a muscle-friendly diet. In a second phase, you maintain or partially reduce your weight by reducing calories. Muscles cannot grow if they do not have enough building material in the form of amino acids and proteins .

There is a particular danger with calorie-reduced diets. If you don't make sure you consume enough protein, your organism can deprive your muscles of its own protein . This leads to the breakdown of existing muscles and a reduced basal metabolic rate. After the diet, the basal metabolic rate remains in a reduced range for a long time.

Our bodies have adapted to saving calories. The result may be that the diet fails. After it ends , weight gain may occur despite exercise . The infamous yo-yo effect has occurred.

Nutrition and strength training

With any type of muscle building training - this also applies to isokinetic exercise units - nutrition is also important. We have already heard that the focus is on supplying the organism with protein. The smallest protein building blocks, amino acids , are the basis of protein synthesis in the muscles and therefore the building material of muscle fibers.

Our need for protein can increase through intensive sporting activities. Then the average recommended 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight is not always enough. Requirements between 1.4-1.6 g/kilogram body weight are possible. It can therefore make sense to accompany your isokinetic training sessions with a high-quality protein-based muscle building preparation .

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Performing isokinetic training correctly - what should you pay attention to?

The term “ isokinetic ” stands for uniform movements. These are exercises that are gentle on the joints and follow a proven muscle-building principle . Muscles do not grow during the stress phase, but rather during the recovery phase. Therefore both phases must alternate.

Training despite muscle soreness is therefore not always the best idea. The small muscle damage that characterizes muscle soreness accompanies the adaptation processes after a stressful stimulus. They are the foundation for growth during recovery .

After injuries, despite the gentle nature of this special muscle training, it is recommended to be instructed in the use of isokinetic devices by a physiotherapist or experienced trainer . Every injury can be different and should receive sufficient attention even with this gentle training approach.

In principle , isokinetic devices are easy to use and operate. However, you should understand the principle before you start building muscle .

Does isokinetic training have any disadvantages?

If you do the exercises correctly, isokinetic training has no disadvantages . You train your muscles gently and effectively.

Aminosäuren zur Unterstützung Ihrer Gesundheit

Isokinetics as an interesting alternative to strength training

Working with isokinetic equipment can be helpful , especially if you haven't been able to do any strength training for a long time . Muscle growth is possible at any age and can help stabilize your entire body's defenses. You can also use it to increase the amount of energy you burn in your organism. Beautifully defined muscles are an aesthetic question.

If you want to achieve certain goals particularly effectively, lose weight in the long term with strength training or restore certain functions in physical structures, isokinetic training is an option. Whether shoulder exercises, strengthening the core and abdominal muscles or targeted leg exercises, a lot can be achieved with isokinetic equipment.

Talk to a trainer about a training plan for building muscle . Make sure you do it correctly and get enough amino acids , as well as a high-quality muscle building supplement. Don't do your training too often despite muscle soreness , but also give your muscles the necessary isokinetic recovery phases. Nothing stands in the way of muscle growth.

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